hey guys, this is Emily and Khristine! this is our R5 typography blog dedicated to the amazing band R5. Please check the FAQ if you have any questions or requests. Also, please don't repost or redistribute any of our typography or posters. Thanks.
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R5 Typography

who's excited for R5's upcoming EP?

C’mon and rock that rock with me!
Anonymous asked: are you going to r5 live???

one of our admins, Khristine will be going to one upcoming R5 show. :) 

a mini-guidebook to R5
Anonymous asked: can i put your design on a shirt for me? since i cant buy from your merchandises store

we would appreciate it if you did not redistribute any of our designs. 

the reason for RLA’s closing was because of legal copyright reasons, and redistributing our designs is no different. 

Anonymous asked: is your merch available anywhere else like etsy or something???


As far as we know, we cannot continue selling shirts on ANY website with R5-related designs on them due to legal problems. 

Anonymous asked: Whats that thing about r5 being an irish dancing group? Where is that from? I need someone to explain this to me

It’s a reference from a ustream they had on New Years Eve back in 2011. Someone asked who they were and that’s what they replied with. :) 


Hey guys! So summer has started and I actually have a whole bunch of free time on my hands so I think it’s best to start updating more and more on this blog!!! 

I have a few ideas in mind but if anyone has any ideas on any poster/design they’d like to see, feel free to tell me (either here or on my personal account

I’m super excited to get back to designing since I’ll need some practice for the upcoming school year (I’M STARTING HIGH SCHOOL AH I’M A BABY) 

so anyways, send your ideas my way and I’ll try my best to make some of them happen. 

thank you guys so much and I’ll talk to you soon!