hey guys, this is Emily and Khristine! this is our R5 typography blog dedicated to the amazing band R5. Please check the FAQ if you have any questions or requests. Also, please don't repost or redistribute any of our typography or posters. Thanks.
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R5 Typography

Anonymous asked: you guys should upload more posters!!!

There have been a whole bunch of tests and school things lately that it’s hard to find time! But as soon as the school year ends there should be more frequent uploading. 


Happy 21st Birthday, Ellington!!!
Anonymous asked: did you guys make a ratliff project?

Unfortunately, we did not have time to make an Ellington birthday project this year. Sorry! 

What are your confessions?
Thank you guys for 3k+!!! That’s absolutely INSANE!!!
Anonymous asked: you guys should make shirts!! i would totally buy them

actually, we do! you can find some of our designs at rockylyncharmy.spreadshirt.com. :)